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Organic Psyllium Husk Powder Vegetarian capsules 750mg

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Botanical Name  Plantago Ovata


Country Of Origin   India


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Psyllium Husks are a highly soluble source of fibre. These days many modern diets are very low in fibre, which is essential for healthy digestion. Once into the Uk we open the sealed bag and feed the organic powder into our Certified organic capsule machines hopper, we then proceed to make several thousand organic vegetarian capsules (HPMC) in that batch. Once made we then heat seal the capsules in their respective numbers in heat sealed pouches or in our postal tubs or round tubs.

No Bulking agents are used in the manufacture of these Capsules.

Our Organic Psyllium Husk is 99% pure  and is Certified Organic in the Uk by the Soil Association under the code GB-ORG-05.

Ingredients    100% Psyllium Husk powder

Suggested Use    2 – 6 capsules per day with a large glass of water. Please consult your DR before taking any nutrient dense product.

Nutritional Data
Typical Nutritional Information per 100g

Nutritional Value                                    

Results             Unit


1245/301           Kj/Kcal


0.2                           g


34.8                       g

of which sugars                                    

0                             g


6                               g

Of which saturates                              

0                               g


53.5                         g


0                               g

Detailed Nutritional Information per 100g
Nutritional Value Results Unit


10                           mg


4                             mg


90                         mg

Vitamin B6                                                

3                             mg


1340                     mg


2                           mg


70                           mg


5                             mg


45                           mg


5                             mg


0.2                           mg

Macronutrients in Psyllium Husks Contribute to :

Energy-yielding metabolism

Normal psychological function

Nervous system support

Improvement of Skin health

Iron Metabolism

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Normal cysteine synthesis

Red blood formation

Regulation of hormonal activity

Maintenance of normal blood pressure

Process of cell division

Formation of Red blood cells and Heamoglobin

Nervous system support

Promotion of the cardiovascular health

Maintenance of red blood cells

Healthy vision

Protection of cells from oxidative stress

Maintenance of normal mucous membranes

Homocysteine, protein and glycogen metabolism

Immune muscle function

Normal cognitive function

Oxygen transport in the body



60 in Foil Pouch, 120 in Bottle, 240 2 x 120 Bottles, 360 3 x 120 Bottles, 480 4 x120 Bottles

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