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Organic Acai Berry Powder

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Botanical Name  Euterpe Oleracea


Country Of Origin   Brazil

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The Acai Berry is a small purple berry of the Acai Palm which grows in the flood lands of the Brazilian Amazon region.The berry is harvested twice per year and the nearly Black berries are an abundant source of minerals including Potassium, Zinc and Calcium, Amino Acids and a wide range of Vitamins.After the best berries are harvested from the uppermost branches of the palm. The fruitis pressed to extract the fruit pulp which is then freeze dried and ground into a fine  powder. The Acai Powder is a very sought after powder for its nutritional value when added to Smoothies, and other delicious deserts and drinks.

Suggested Use     3-6g per day. Please consult your DR before taking any nutrient dense product.

Nutritional Data
Typical Nutritional Information per 100g

Nutritional Value                                    

Results             Unit


2197/534           Kj/Kcal


8.6                           g


8.5                         g

of which sugars                                      

1                             g


44.5                         g

Of which saturates                                

11                           g

Monosaturated fat                                

28.46                     g

Omega 9                                                  

26.88                      g

Polyunsaturated fat                              

4.92                      g

Omega 3                                                

  0.35                      g

Omega 6                                                  

4.57                     g


32.5                     g


0.16                     g

Detailed Nutritional Information per 100g
Nutritional Value Results Unit
Calcium 329 mg
Iron 6.13 mg
Vitamin A 7087 IU
ORAC 82500 Umole TE/100g on Dry Basis


Micronutrients in Acai Berry Powder contribute to :

Healthy blood coagulation

Improvement of Skin health

Iron Metabolism

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Formation of Red blood cells and Heamoglobin

Normal muscle function

Normal cognitive function


Process of cell division and Specialisation

Oxygen transport in the body

Healthy Vision

Maintenance of bones and teeth

Energy-yielding metabolism

Immune system support

Maintenance of Normal mucous membranes



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